June 14, 2023

ERPNext For Pharmaceutical Industry

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You may definitely ask, why does a healthcare industry or pharmaceutical manufacturing company need an ERPNext system? As a white-collar job, we must know the importance of the pharma and life science industry who stand in the line of saving millions of lives. According to various healthcare system researchers, by using the right software to streamline, organize, and optimize internal operational processes, private sectors can simply ensure a stronger economy at reduced cost growth and improved service quality to it customers. As fastest-growing industry, Tridots Tech offers the white-label, open-source ERPNext solution for every medical centre.


The right enterprise resource planning (ERPNext) software implementation will change the total lifecycle of your manual task and productivity growth. With Tridots Tech on your side, you can centralize all your medical records, analyse opportunity pipelines, and formulate costing, quality, and materials smoothly.


Automate Your Small & Mid-sized Pharma Business: Major Challenges


Whether you are into pharma manufacturing or pharma store management, as core business in the market, the pharma industry also faces multiple challenges that distract the financial status and customer relationship level rigorously. Here are some of the major challenges-


     Handling patient history and reports

     Follow booking or scheduled appointment with the doctor

     Payment processing and invoicing

     Product Costing on finished goods (pharmaceutical price changes)

     Supply chain disruption

     Plan material & Production based BOM (bill of material)

     Staffing struggles

     Organization problems

     Maintain multi-approved suppliers

     Managing manual records leads to costly errors

     B2B and B2C pharma companies in e-commerce space struggles

     Quality control and traceability of products

     Data fraud risk



Digital Ecosystem For Various Medical Centre


Whether your health care business is a small or huge business, polyclinic or multi-speciality medical centre with a pharma store attached, our ERPNext software solution will capture the right information by automating the entire system with zero paper-work, and improve efficiency at a cost-effective budget.


  • Retail Pharmacy

  • Diagnostic Centre

  • Aerobics Centre

  • Gym & Fitness Centre

  • Wellness Centre

  • Homeopathy Clinic

  • Nutritionist Centre

  • Weight Loss & Weight Gain Centre

  • Specs Store

  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing

  • Ambulance Service

  • Child Birth Centre


You may come under any digital space mentioned above, Tridots Tech will identify your challenging area, understand your requirement, determine the budget and project timeframe, and finally implement your project ensuring customer satisfaction with best maintenance support.


What are the modules used in the Pharmaceutical Industry?


To ensure to notch pharma functionality, quality assurance, stock and batch maintaining (inventory), outsourcing facility, labelling & distribution, sales workflows, delivery & sales invoicing, and fail-safe mechanism, Tridots Tech aids in building the robust ERPNext software for healthcare industry with rich modules that control significant challenges or risks faced by your business.




Utilize our ERP system to manage your patient records on a single platform.

- Making a "New" patient detail and saving it

- Patient's phone number and email

- Update the patient's previous prescription or medication information




With our ERP, you can keep all of the nurse and doctor records easily accessible at your healthcare centre.

- Add "New" practitioner information, then save

- Add your email, phone number, and hospital name.

- Include a picture of the practitioner and the department's job.

- View the schedule for the day and service unit information.




Using an ERP system, keep track of every practitioner's appointment details and schedule upcoming patient encounters without delay.

- Set up practitioners' accessibility status

- Monitor A daily or weekly timetable for the practitioner

- Block/cancel any appointments for new patients at anytime.




By managing patient appointments and prioritising reservations based on requests, you may give patients a clinical experience that is enhanced.

- Visibility of the monthly patient appointment calendar

- Each practitioner's colour batch is unique.

- Depending on the practitioner's schedule, accept, reject, or reschedule reservations.

- Email-based automated notifications for patient consultation




Maintain patient data or summaries so that doctors can follow patients while attending appointments by using an ERP platform.

- Dashboard for medical patients with report preferences (print or view)

- Keep patient demographics up to date (inpatient status, name, contact detail, blood type)

- Patient serial number and inpatient batch number created automatically

- Relationship with patient, other allergies, medical history, or surgical history are defined




Using the ERP module to monitor patient records and prior medical reports, practitioners can quickly evaluate, comprehend, and administer medication to patients.

- Documenting the patient lifecycle

- Date, time, and practitioner of appointment

- Important data including allergies and previous medications




Using the ERP email module, healthcare facilities can email patients about appointments with doctors, prescriptions, follow-ups, and more.

- Customised patient email templates

- The topic and specifics of a patient's medication and medical care are defined.

- One click will send mail to an administrator or practitioner.




Having patient records from each visit via an ERP system is essential to providing better patient care in a healthcare facility. This allows the practitioner to combine the information and make an informed choice.

- Make a new patient encounter form based on the reservation.

- Describe patient-related information.

- Include the practitioner's name and the department.

- Assemble patient medication histories




A doctor's prescription helps the patient receive the appropriate medical care. Configure the print form builder in ERPNext to avoid paperwork.

- Automatically generated or printed medical slips

- Name, gender, appointment number, and department are defined for inpatient records.

- The doctor's recommended medication is listed.

- Name of the practitioner and digital signature




With the help of the ERPNext clinical processes map module, staff or nurses can keep tabs on and inform the doctors about their surgical activities.

- Create and map the clinical process for each patient.

- Add new procedures and update their status.




Pharmacies or clinical pharma companies can manage their stock availability levels efficiently by tracking them in real-time.

- Exposure to all surgical and pharmaceutical products

- Advanced medical equipment bar code search

- View information about stock levels and moves.

- For additional information about the medicine, click the item.




Utilize the integrated ERP demand forecasting feature in your pharmacy to manage stock levels for maximum shelf availability.

- Reorder levels should be watched to prevent stockouts.

- Setup of alerts for item stock out levels

- Automatic creation of material requests

- Auto-refilling system to cut down on out-of-stocks, missed sales, and markdowns




Using an ERP system, the front desk administrator or representative of the clinic takes charge of doctor consultations, medical billing, and pricing to provide a seamless customer experience.

- Simple custom print bill template

- Creating sales invoices automatically

- Patient notification of payment request via SMS or email

- Listed invoice information




Adapt your Pharmaceutical ERPNext software to your company's needs to increase patient happiness and turnover.

- Create personalised fields in forms using settings

- Edit settings for data retrieval, entries, copy hiding, and image viewing.

- Limiting user roles' access to data

- Creating unique print forms automatically without code


Tridots Tech: Your Healthcare and Pharmaceutical ERPNext providers


Wholesale to distribution, Supply chain to delivery. Connect dispensary solutions, order fill rates, shelf-life tracking, eCommerce POS,  and unrivalled industry experience without any compromising functionality with our ultimate, seamless ERPNext implementation. Interested? Ask us how to integrate your medical business with Tridots Tech's advanced ERPNext solution.





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