September 2, 2022

ERPNext System- What you need to know?

by Admin

ERP or enterprise resource planning is an integrated software application or platform to streamline business performance, financial reporting, backup-data processes, standardize human resources, health care industry, education flow, data distribution, and various other departments. When it comes to Ecommerce or other online businesses, the single ERP integrated system plays an effective role in automated manufacturing, managing inventory, sales or supply chain, orders, accounting, customer relationship management or interaction, expense tracking, time tracking, report generating, resource scheduling, etc.

 Efficiently functioning ERP software allows businesses to shorten the time taken to complete practically every business activity. In Tridots Tech, we encourage cooperation via data sharing structured around basic principles of knowledge, which contributes to better strategic planning. The uniformity and simplicity of ERPNext systems lead to less hierarchical frameworks, thus creating a much more flexible organization that can respond easily while enhancing competitive capacity. An ERP-centralized database is easier to maintain despite being a larger target than data spread through hundreds of systems.

Do you know how ERPNext works?

A well-designed ERPNext modular software reduces complexity and unifies an organization's whole business performance, different features or software smoothly in a single destination, saving time and money. Rather than streamlining the process and securing the database, the integrated software eliminates data duplication and manages all-sized businesses and enterprises. Due to its real-time information processing, business reporting, analytics, and intelligence, many call it a powerful strategic business or project management tool. Interesting isn't it?

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This easily usable cloud-based ERPNext system efficiently combines core projects, websites, or online business functions. As mentioned in my previous blog, many are still have confusion regarding CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning). Though they look similar, their integrated role is quite different. Both use diverse approaches to enhance an organization’s revenue and sales. Following great online stores, masters started using MRP i.e. material requirement planning or manufacturing resource planning to succeed in the marketplace (multiple channels).

ERPNext software focuses on the following:

          ● Project management

     Manufacturing/production planning

     Delivering Planning

     Customer relationship management

     Invoice/billing management

     Sales management



     Financial management

     Supply chain/Inventory management

     Purchase planning

     Product planning

     Document sharing

     Data protecting

     Backup data processing

     Multi-channel management

     Time Tracking

     Scheduling Resource


Tridots Tech provides industry-specific ERPNext software designed to fulfill your retail, manufacturing, distribution, or customer service business. With more than 15 years of unique business experience and deep industry knowledge, we provide a cost-effective solution that has access to business intelligence ensuring business growth and success providently.  

Is it worth investing in ERPNext?

Actually, you are going to answer this question. Well, ignoring this integrated solution is like a digital malfunction. On the other hand, having such cloud-based software or application improves business insight, manages infrastructure, saves money, reduces risk, and increases Ecommerce operation. It is you who have to decide whether to boost business productivity or fail in the marketplace.

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