Restaurant POS Management Software

Multiple, Manage, Market all your restaurant operations and billing with advanced point of sale solution


Game-Changing Restaurant POS Software

Want to start your entrepreneurial journey as a restaurant owner? You have multiple possibilities and making it smarter, you need our new age-ready Point-Of-Sale system. Consumer to Kitchen, manage everything to run a profitable business - capture incoming orders, direct to KOT's, track deliveries, etc in fingertips.

Our Complete Restaurant Software

With Go1 Resto get your all-in-one point of sale integration to manage your entire hotel or restaurant business offline and online smoothly.

Offline & Online POS

Order & Pay QR System

Online Ordering System

Self Ordering Kiosk

Kitchen Display System

Waiter Mobile App

Admin App

Employee Management

Web Page Builder

Table Reservations

Restaurant User App

Driver Delivery App

Inventory Management

Multi-Location Management


Loyalty Management

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