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  • Project-centric integrated ERP
  • Oversee tasks & enable business process
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Agile Enterprise Project Management Software Solution

Meet customer demands with Tridots Tech's task-driven approach for your organization to streamline team projects and employees in real-time.

Task Management

  • Assign multiple tasks highlighting subject, priority level, progress status, timeline details.

  • Keep track of project/daily tasks regulary/anytime.

  • Satisfy your customers completing and delivering on-time projects.

  • Track all upcoming projects and client demands.

  • Set your team deadlines for each project.


Timesheet Management

  • With our cloud ERPNext project management module, employees/staff can easily submit their daily tasks with the start and end of task timing.

  • Collaboration of tasks or assigning of tasks is possible.

  • You can drag-n-drop files, browse, upload files or attach a weblink with the document.

  • You can share timesheet details with any team member.

  • Track particular period documents in the cloud system anytime.

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