January 19, 2022

Web design & development technologies Inspired

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Hey there, today one of the interesting yet chronicle topics is to be discussed making you decide your future business choice-to-do. Technology, a scientific knowledge yet practically engineered, inventive tools used to solve complex issues, popularly the standing point of today’s generation growth, inspired by thousands, adapted by millions, explored by you presently. When it comes to technology, what can Tridots Tech explain in-depth? Well, we at Tridots Tech, Chennai’s best web design and development studio, implement various technologies every user or client must adorn before planning to launch a website or mobile application. I know what you are coming up with...well here in this blog we will discuss in detail some of the amazing technologies used in the web design and development process. 

What are the technologies inspired & practiced?

While talking about the term technology or innovative solution, you may guess Artificial Intelligence, IoT (internet of things), Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR). Forgot it...we are in the middle of the website development process, technologies here represent the framework or programming languages practiced to design and build backend and front of websites and applications. Specifically, Tridots Tech inspires a wide set of frameworks utilized to fulfill customer project requirements. Below we will showcase the technologies we collaborate on making your business go and grow online successfully. Cool, it’s never a high level of case study going on, we love to share our skills with you personally making our relationship with you transparent and trust-worthy.



Frappe technology, otherwise called fra-pay, is one of the best, trending open-source, full-stack framework products available in the market currently. Frappe is built or written in Python and JavaScript and MariaDB is the database. To say, Frappe broadly powers ERPNext (enterprise resource planning), which is used in many production companies to handle the complete business processes in a single portal. Tridots Tech uses Python as its cornerstone to built websites from scratch and is well-skilled currently. 

Angular JS

Angular JS, a JavaScript-based structural open-source usually used to develop dynamic websites and mobile applications. This practice eliminates the use of multiple codings constructing HTML directives as reusables. Single-page applications are generally created using Angular JS. Wanna try one?


PHP or hypertext preprocessor is an extensively used HTML-embedded scripting open-source language used to develop Ecommerce websites and handle databases, dynamic or static web content. PHP is solely for back-end development and is generally used by Tridots Tech company. 

React JS

Famous digital players like Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb, etc are being created wholly in React JS, a front-end JavaScript library (syntax extension), developed for the website and mobile applications’ user interface flexibility. Tridots Tech uses React JS for formula debugging, extension, single-way data binding, and better performance. 


An outstanding open-source UI framework for cross-platform mobile app and windows app development (progressive/native). The use of an Ionic tool is that it transforms single written codes of SaaS, HTML, Angular into a wonderful mobile application.  


The Apache Cordova is an open-source hybrid mobile app development framework. Along with notable technologies like CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript, Tridots Tech build high-performing native applications.  


Java is a secure, flexible object-oriented programming language used for back-end development projects, computing desktop (websites), and android. Do you know, digital companies like Google, Amazon, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, etc use Java in their tech stacks. So how about you?  


Let's check about a front-end approach, a Microsoft-owned open-source stage used to create Windows, Android, iOS applications (cross-platform), use of single code to distinguish bullet-proof business data, it gives multiple platform user interfaces.  


One of the standard formats of HTML syntax used currently in our digital development approach. HTML5 or otherwise known as Hypertext Markup Language revision 5, used mainly for modulation of web pages in look, errors, and structure.


Bootstrap is a responsive, free, open-source framework that's made of CSS and JavaScript, developing front-end mobile and website. This tool is used to design navigations, forms, buttons, typography, and more other user interfaces. We are happy to say that Tridots Tech is skilled in handling these technologies for the past 17 years. 


To protect and preserve business assets, confidentiality, and data from illegal threats or hacking, Tridots Tech uses powerful database security (DMS) tools that encrypt sensitive data, reliable backups, provide a statistical method, and monitor activities. Here are our data management frameworks.


Microsoft SQL Server is a robust database engine developed by Microsoft, helps in storing (stores data in a table, row, column) and retrieving client-server data. MS SQL is written in C and C++. Any wide range of business data or transaction processing can be supported with this engine seamlessly.


We do handle an open-source database management system called My SQL (Structured Query Language), developed by Oracle Corporation, written in C, C++. It has a separate cloud-native app (APIs) that collects excessive data (Ecommerce business), and offers high-performing analytics. 


We wish that each client must know their project resources and technologies used well, so they can approach our web design agency with satisfaction and hope to proceed in business in the upcoming years. To build a perfect Ecommerce or professional website and mobile application, Tridots Tech deploys the very best quality solution based on customer expectations and beyond creativity. 

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